I am a self-taught artist and dedicate at least two hours daily in pursuit of art. This extends by a few extra hours on holidays and weekends, as I work full-time for an MNC to support myself. My passion for art began at a very young age. I am inspired by things I see around me – a line, a shadow, a texture, a color.  Form and shape and how color masses interact – it’s all part of what gets me going in a creative pursuit.  It seems that many of my artistic ideas come to me early in the morning, when I’m half way between sleep and awake.

I live and think to be creative every minute. I am fascinated by the beauty of nature. I am an additive sketcher. I keep sketching in my mind all the time and keep saving the drafts for future reference. The memories of the rough sketches are vividly held in my mind, though many necessary things outside of art find no place in my memory!

My work presents a mixture of realism and abstract. I love it when my works leans towards abstract, as it evokes a sense of connection with various facets of nature. Today my work is a culmination of my learning over the years. I am inclined to try newer ways and newer techniques, and explore various forms of art, and hopefully, introduce a new style one day.

Artist statement

Art for me is like nature that stays with me forever. I feel I cannot stay locked up in a place for too long because of my addiction of deriving inspiration for art by observing nature and exploring things around me. I consider this to be the art-life balance that works best for me and it keeps me excited. I wish to create art which will help me establish an emotional connect with the past, present and future. I want to show the world how I perceive the world around me, and my medium of expression is drawing and painting. A meaningful engagement with art helps us overcome successfully from any failure.

My philosophy of art:

I believe that art doesn’t sell itself; it is part of my job as an artist to make it desirable.
I believe that by also showcasing other forms of art, I am doing my small bit to enrich the lives of a world starving for beauty.
I believe in paying it forward by giving back.
I believe I will always push the boundaries and challenge myself to learn, take risks, and grow as an artist.
But mostly, I’m very thankful that I have the talent to paint.

Thank you for following my art journey  🙂